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Party on Wheels!!!

“La Candelosa” is a tourist transportation unit with a very simple objective; to realize two tours around Margarita Island, one is the daytime tour, where it will take you to all the historical places & the most beautiful beaches, all of this following the best tropical rhythms this side of the planet has to offer, professional lighting and entertainment crew on board to ensure an unforgettable fun filled day.

The second tour is during the night, where you will be taken around Porlamar, visiting Casinos, Night Clubs and all the strategic places on the Island where you will end up in the best Clubs Margarita Island has to offer.

The Day Party Includes:
  • Ride by Porlamar’s Beaches
  • Shopping in the 31 de Julio Avenue
  • Tour of Juan Griego
  • The beautiful sight over the “Mirador” (Pedro González)
  • A stop by the “Bodegon Johnny” for a welcome cocktail & snacks
  • Playa el Agua Beach: Beach Chairs, Awnings & Lunch
The Night Party Includes:
  • A ride through the most popular avenues in Porlamar (Santiago Mariño & 4 de Mayo)
  • Entrance to the Jumbo Bingo, welcome cocktail & 5.000 Bs. Bonus for playing
  • Flamenco Show at the “Sevillanas Restaurant”, snacks & 2 drinks
  • Discotheque & Casino

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