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Your Friendly Staff in Margarita Island
    The On-Line reservation center HappyVoyage.com is an initiative of a group of professionals in the tourism industry with many years of experience in the field and in Margarita Island.
    HappyVoyage.com was created and developed with one clear objective and which makes a difference: to bring a completely personalized and efficient service, in which the client will be protected and secure during his or her trip. This is all made possible by our highly qualified staff, experts in professional public relations, to achieve the following needs & goals:
  • To bring answers & fast solutions to any possible problem that might occur.
  • To offer a highly efficient service.
  • To give personalized services in which the client has the peace of mind, assurance and support during the entire trip.
  • To find the best rates in the market without leaving aside quality and professionalism.

Our Staff in Margarita Island, Venezuela

Marķa Pacheco - Directora General - De Vacaciones C.A.
Lic. María Pacheco
Carlos Pla - Gerente General - De Vacaciones C.A.
Ing. Carlos Pla
General Manager
Emilio Camejo - Administrador
Lic. Emilio Camejo
Mirve Vetencourt - Grupos y Congresos
Lic. Mirve Vetencourt
Congressess & Corporate Groups
Javier Varela - Reservaciones
Lic. Javier Varela
Jocelyn Tharrington - Coordinadora/Reservaciones
Lic. Joselyn Tharrington
Pancho *Chancho* Villa - Mascota General
Dr. Pancho "Chancho" Villa
Mascot's Manager

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