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Castillo de San Antonio de la Eminencia, Cumaná
   This wonderful peninsula is considered to be the last virgin corner of the country; also the home of two of the most important National Parks in Venezuela; Paria National Park is one that basically covers the whole width of the peninsula, where in a clear day you can actually see the Island of Trinidad; and the second park is called Turruepano National Park extended at the heart of the Delta of Paria, where the natives travel onboard their “Curiaras” (local canoe); and also in this region, 22 communities of Warao Indians live basically unaware and unspoiled by the changes made by the rest of societies in the rest of the world.
   In other words; Paria's name sounds more and more familiar with every passing year in the ears of anyone looking for a trace of what we used to be; like a kind of looking glass, staring directly into our not so distant past.
   This destination answers the call of all inspirations and aspirations sought after by all segments of the tourism industry in Venezuela and especially abroad; in effect, beach and sun lovers will be bewildered by the savage and picturesque Caribbean beaches, and for those who are fans of Agrotourism, Ecotourism and Extreme Adventures will find the answers to their hopes and prayers.
   Cumaná has the honor to have being the first city founded by the Spaniards in the American continent in the year 1521, under the command of Gonzalo de Ocampo. The name of Cumaná means “the union between the sea and the river” in the native language of the Cumanagoto Indians.
   Cumaná sits right at the opening of the Manzanares River. The city was built on flatlands where there is only one small hill, where you will find the fort that has a spectacular view at the entire city, the Gulf of Cariaco , which separates the mainland from the Araya Peninsula .
Map of Cumaná & Paria
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