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Adventure in Margarita Island:

This excursion combines ecological activities, sports and open air fun, like Kayak and Trekking, all in an indescribably beautiful natural scenery that the Island of Margarita offers. The tour starts when each client is picked up from their respective lodging places and enjoyment of the wonderful sights the ride to Constanza Beach brings, which is a small bay formed by a natural wave breaker, located in Manzanillo and Guayacán Beach, where the Kayak adventure begins.

Subsequently to a very important briefing on safety, the group will have the time to get familiarized with their respective Kayaks and then the ride following the currents and the winds starts towards Guayacán Beach. The second chapter to this adventure is comprised of a 3 mi Trek starting from the Hesperia Isla Margarita Hotel, and once started; the client will have the chance to witness a variety of beautiful panoramic views of Margarita Island.

After ascending to a height of 1.200 feet above sea level, the tour will continue until reaching a small traditional farm where you will be greeted by local farmers who take advantage of the humid climate found in the highest mountainous areas of the island, to grow every kind of exotic fruits and vegetables, it is also a perfect place to get away from the heat found in lower grounds and to admire the view. Finally, after taking a break, the descent begins towards the town of Manzanillo, where the pathway will lead you towards the vehicle which will take you back to your lodging site.

Duration: The tour starts from your lodging site at 07.30 hrs and ends between 16.30 and 17.00 hrs.

Difficulty Level: The tour has a difficulty level of 2; in which no previous experience is needed, but a minimum cardiovascular capacity is required (any person who practices any type of sport at least 2 times a week should be comfortable).

This Adventure includes:
  • Light Lunch: Sandwiches, fruits and natural fruit juices
  • Lots of natural bottle water for hydration purposes
  • Energy bars and fruits during breaks
  • Bilingual tour guide
  • Kayak and lifesaving equipment
  • Security vehicle during the Kayak tour
  • Passenger insurance

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