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Jeep Safari, 4x4 Adventure:

This great tour offers you the great opportunity to travel the most beautiful Island in the Caribbean in a different and fun way, in an open air or closed cabin 4x4 vehicle, enjoying a great variety of sceneries like the humid tropical forests in the heights of the Cierra National Park and the deserts in the Macanao Peninsula, all organized by a group of young, adventure prone enthusiasts that have excellent service and attention as a main goal, in an all inclusive tour, it is the ride of a lifetime.

  • Tour in an (or without) air conditioned 4x4 vehicle
  • Tour guide assistance & uniformed drivers
  • Visit to the Nursery La Fronda
  • Visit to the Cierra National Park
  • Open bar with national drinks such as: Polar beer, Santa Teresa rum, soft drinks & natural bottled water
  • Boat ride through the Restinga National Park
  • A guided tour through the Marine Museum
  • Lunch where you have a selection of meals like: fish filet, steak, pork chops, and grilled shrimps.
  • "Jeep Massage" through the Macanao Peninsula
  • Beach stop in Punta Arena and La Carmela
  • A panoramic view of a beautiful sunset

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