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Amazonas, Venezuela, Tepuy
    The State of Amazonas, located in the south of Venezuela, it forms part of the largest jungle/forest in the world and acts as the breathing lungs of our planet. Its surface is of approximately 115.000² Miles of virgin lands; the home of countless indigenous tribes, which have harmoniously lived nature for thousands of years.
    Amazonas is synonym to mystery and adventure, where the imposing Orinoco River is born, rightful owner of an enormous variety of natural beauty, which cause an overwhelming visual impact and generate a great unique attraction for having before unseen characteristics on Earth. Majestic tropical jungles, endless savannahs, magnificent mountains and Tepuyes (Plateaus; the oldest geological formations in the world, dating more than 400 million years, also called The Lost World), a myriad rapids and arresting water falls; all the wonders, all the adventure, in one extreme location in the heart of Earth itself. Amazonas is simply overwhelming in the whole sense of the word.
Map of Amazonas

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