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Margarita Island's Forum
Margarita Island's Forum
HappyVoyage.com offers you an open forum for all those who wish to place any constructive commentaries, criticisms, praises or just tell us about your experiences in general lived during your stay in Margarita Island and/or any destination we offer in Venezuela. Come and register; we will be more than happy to help you and give you the information you need.

Margarita Island News
Get weekly information about Margarita Island so you'll know a little bit more about all the current events happening in this sunny Island in the Caribbean .
Margarita Island Sunshine Deals
    Every month we'll offer special deals on what we consider to be the Hotel of the Month. These selected hotels, will be chosen for their overall quality and service standards. It is our way to participate in the improvement of raising our destination to a new level of excellence; thus, making Margarita Island and Venezuela, a solid destination for you to fully enjoy.
    We are always in the search for new Hotels and Posadas throughout Margarita Island and Venezuela; creating a circle of excellence, where you will never experience uncomfortable situations.
    The Hotel of the Month is the Margarita Hilton; which has maintained an excellent record with all our clients during past seasons; making it a great choice for any traveler looking for quality, comfort and good service at the heart of all the entertainment there is to enjoy in Margarita Island.
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